Welcome To The Artwork Of Tina Fung Holder

Using a wide variety of materials Tina Fung Holder creates artwork that is a visual feast for the eyes.  In both her jewelry designs and basketry, textures abound.

Intriguing textures are created using everyday, familiar materials.  Techniques and tools are traditional – a crochet hook and tapestry needle being the main tools.

The jewelry incorpora
Cubs World Series Ornament
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tes mundane objects such as safety pins, snap fasteners and paperclips together with glass beads.  Wirework is created with crocheting and wrapping techniques.

Basketry materials are obtained from both the natural and industrial areas. Birch bark, red osier dogwood, pine needles, sweet grass, cattail and iris leaves harvested from the natural landscape.  Manufactured materials are used for the form and not the original function.

Both the jewelry and basketry have protective coatings.


Museum collections:

Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington, DC

Museum of Arts and Design, New York, NY

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA

Racine Art Museum, Racine, WI